A four parts circled sun, a main axis,a triangle, are the parameters to compose an ancient territory topography


The Roman code"Exoriente Sole" from the exhibit "Archaelogy and Imaginary" Rome 1987, (@ P.Meogrossi)







The ancient topograhy for the city of Rome and its "Sol Invictus" ritual

©P.Meogrossi's  1987- 1994- 2007labir.urb.

Engaged since 1984 as director architect of the Ministry BB.AA.CC.by Soprintendenza Archeologica di Roma in preservin the biggest Roman monuments, archaeological sites  as Palatino, Foro, Colosseo, Appia antica, Villa Quintili, Cecilia Metella, the Piero Meogrossi's  research   has promoted original studies above the nova forma urbis Romae and seeked for it rules and forgotten measures  of the ancient topographical urban design. The physical and symbolical patterns put in evidence are in comparison with the calculation measures taken on earth and from the sky observer  clearing more and more the code of an antiquarian way of seeing added and increased by the data of the archaelogical disciplinary. The method plays an identitary research about the shape of Rome so to bring back weight and values dealing with the strategic sites  in the very ancient Home-City story in harmony with the topographycal and fucntional spirit of that Rome by Romulus credited by Andrea Carandini, the clearest studious.

The unitary nets of a "geo-manthic" grid tissued over the large archaelogical Roma and Lazio territory comes out a wisdom path, several  hidden geometries and knots able to be recognized because of the universal laws transformed into physical and virtual incunabols: forgotten but marked signals able to rebirth and unify the code by which was planned the whole ancient territory. The Roman antropization then is supported and substanced by a  matrix and measured rules  posed beneath the monumental labyrinths, architectonic projects of different ages always distinguished in their space-time diversity. The rituals and the myths of an archaic society structured by the oikos-nomos /home-rule describe the physical data herited and imposed to the modernity through the key word "net" as a strategical technic support able to a futured preservation and to the best valuation of the cultural goods. The E-musealisation for the cultural patrimony therefore must put on line not only the  works catalogue but more it must develope the networking, the integration of the exchanging offers and culture, a synergy between institutions and citizen, a sharing of the heritaged identitites, powerfull and moltiplication of an Art offering so to let it  extended to the territory, consciousness of cultural added values posed inside the unitary urban design shared through the invisible and ancient monumental grid.

City-POLIS                      Home-OIKOS                      Rule-NOMOS



The labyrinthic ritual and its hyerogamy  in the oinochoe fromTragliatella (Cerveteri VII-VI sec.a.C.)