At least 25.000 Roman citizen are required before asking officially the public autorithies for a democratic poll able to analyze the "financial acts" for an archaeo-topographical-productive research. That enterprise must be supported on the wireless net technology and promotes the opportunity to found the E-Museum Tower  for the Roman History by which the citizen themselves will act as actionists. In the new PRG Rome master plan they are about 2.500.000 and the symbolical quote of € 10,00 by each citizen will give the  start up. The strategic financial asset  will testify the unusual presence of private people together with public autorithies for increasing a more correct development of the monumental city, an add value by which ricognizing the historical and cultural identities of those territories.


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Are you agree, as a Roman citizen, to realize a collective E-Museum Tower at piazza Vittorio, on the Esquiline hill?