The majority part of the arguments of this site are dealing with the many years archaeo-antiquarian research by the architect Piero Meogrossi who  has discovered and documented assiomatically the original topography of Rome according it to the city-state design planned at the mythic Romulus's age also credited by the archaeologist Andrea Carandini's studies. A topographical pattern is the main supporter which gives an absolute measure to the Roma Quadrata testifying the ancient rules herited to be shown by that invisible urban axis subordered and functional to the Roman society laws. That topographical system has organized the space-time of Rome for several centuries and now it could be able to transform that archaic "geographical message into a modern neo-ancient culture", a sort of collective memory able to re-use the Roman art and architecture history so to convince the institutions to increase an educational act to let the citizen culture matured and to get all together the new development for a conscient identity towards the Bene Comune Roma (Welfare Community).


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